Our Purpose

We have established a healing center for regular meditation workshops, energy healing sessions, satsang, and yoga classes to heal the body, clear the mind, and awaken spiritual states of consciousness.

Stir the Heart is a clarion call for inner transformation, complete healing and self-realization. By invoking the vibration of love in our community, people change deep within. When the heart softens, actions stem from kindness and care, and minds open to the flow of intuition and wisdom. People who come to our workshops, retreats, sessions, and yoga classes often experience deep meditations, a profound shift in consciousness, and heart awakening.

Imagine sitting down in a room full of the Presence of Love, listening to music that touches the very core of the Heart. Feeling barriers fall away, the Heart glows warmly in the Energy. The whole world falls away as we enter transcendental realms of our being.

How do we bring this healing environment into our daily lives? Learn very specific healing practices to purify negativity and awaken the body’s natural healing power.

Who We Are

Brian Lottman

In 2006, Brian discovered yoga and began to attune his life to this transformative philosophy. The book, Power Versus Force, had a significant impact on his life. He discovered he could actually transform his mind permanently and bring it into a state of love, joy, and peaceful meditation through focused effort. This process is called “raising in consciousness”.

In 2007, Brian attended his first spiritual retreat in Austin, Texas. It was the real turning point of his life. He went to go see a spiritual teacher who was known to help people raise in consciousness. In the middle of the retreat, there was an hour long breath session. Everyone was guided to do very deep breathing which helped to push out a lot of heaviness in the mind and body. After about 45 minutes of serious breath, a “flame” lit up inside Brian’s being, and his mind went into a natural buoyant meditation. As he opened his eyes, he realized that the world had changed. The colors were more vibrant, and his vision was diffused. The fire of meditation has continued to grow ever since that moment.

In 2012, Brian attended a spiritual retreat in Miami, FL with his Spiritual Guide, Dr. Swami Purna. During the retreat, “Swamiji” requested to see him in person. Brian had no inkling of how this conversation would impact his life. During those three minutes, Swamiji asked Brian to leave his old life behind and set out on the road to hold gatherings of Truth, sharing this ancient wisdom with others.

Having been initiated into certain ancient healing practices, Brian left his old life – a successful business and comfortable home – to become a wandering monk, aka “American Sadhu.” Traveling from city to city around the US and Canada, he has lectured and sung at hundreds of churches, yoga studios, meditation groups, schools and healing centers about the importance of realizing one’s Essential Nature.

Brian is a dynamic speaker, knowledgeable about many different religions and spiritual traditions, especially the Ancient Vedic wisdom of India. He plays a miniature organ called the harmonium and sings simple mantras for profound healing of the entire being. He leads guided meditations energized with a deeply peaceful presence and teaches Energy Healing techniques for the physical and subtle bodies. Each workshop is infused with a Presence that heals mind, body, and soul. He teaches a special form of Healing Hatha Yoga and is an expert meditation coach.

Individual sessions with Brian are designed to catalyze one’s spiritual evolution, quiet the mind, and heal body issues, especially on a deep energetic level. He practices reiki, polarity therapy, and energy medicine for the body. Connection to healing energy is one of the most important aspects of one’s spiritual path and complete healing. Without that energetic support, it is difficult to truly transform ourselves into a Whole Person. He offers guidance for deeper clarity around life purpose, direction, and intimate relationships. By expressing one’s personal issues in a safe space, it is easier to let go of their grip on the mind and emotions.