Healing with Brian Lottman

Brian is a spiritual guide, healer, meditation instructor, yoga teacher and inspirational speaker who has lectured at churches and healing centers around the U.S. and in Canada. He has studied under several spiritual masters and saints and has been initiated into many sacred ancient healing practices.

Individual healing sessions with Brian are designed to catalyze one’s spiritual evolution, quiet the mind, and heal bodily issues, especially on a deep energetic level. Connection to healing energy is one of the most important aspects of one’s spiritual path. Without that energetic support, it is difficult to truly transform ourselves into a Whole Person.

Brian creates a space for self analysis, reflection and release of negative energy. He listens to deeper personal issues, so one can let go of blocks to a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Half Hour

  • / INR 2500

75 Minutes

  • / INR 5000

Transformational Gatherings

Brian holds spiritual workshops called “satsangs” designed to trigger profound meditation and sweetness of the Heart. Each gathering is unique and infused with a deeply transformative Energy that can heal the mind, body, and soul. Within the atmosphere of satsang, people can more easily let go of old conditioning, suffering, karma, and trauma, so that life becomes an expression of True Love. The music and chanting awaken states words can’t begin to describe. Dive into deep meditation, awaken the Heart, and flow with the healing energy.

See Brian’s archive of recorded workshops on video

Tarot Readings with Tabassum Kaul

Tarot is a an incredibly powerful tool for the Universe to communicate to you in truth, offering guidance on such things as personal insight, spiritual development and transformation opportunity, where you are stuck and need to shift and help you to take conscious decisions and timely action.

Tarot readings, I believe offer a ‘gateway’ – an opening to the great power and through which we can all receive guidance in our lives.

Tarot can help you to make excellent choices for your relationships, family, your career, business and spiritual evolvement.

Q: Do Tarot readings really reveal the future? A: Yes, Tarot card readings can show us events that are likely to happen in the future. Though of course, we all possess free will and we are masters of our destiny and it is up to the individual to choose one pathway or another.





Package (PD + Tarot)


Healing Yoga Classes

Weekly Gentle Hatha Yoga classes are offered at the Soul Center. We welcome all skill levels and all ages to join in these deeply relaxing yoga postures that open the energy channels to heal the body. These yoga classes are designed to dissolve stress and awaken deep healing, peacefulness and meditation.

Meditation Workshops

These meditation workshops are for all ages and experience levels. Learn how to easily strengthen your ability to meditate. Brian uses guided meditation, breath techniques, clearing practices, healing music and sound to bring one’s mind into a more profound state of awareness, relaxation and peacefulness. The meditative energy moves within you and creates momentum for a deeper, more powerful meditation. Our participants experience meditation rather than simply learn techniques.

Stir the Heart Service

Hundreds of churches and spiritual centers across the US and Canada have invited Brian to speak at their service. His talk welcomes all religions, faiths, and spiritual traditions and emphasizes the most noble qualities of humanity. If your church or center is looking for a speaker, please call us to schedule a date: 626-599-8071


We offer one to four day immersions into the ancient healing yogic practices of pranayama (breath work), asana (bodily postures), deep meditation and contemplative practices.