Brian Lottman

“What an inspirational talk! Brian comes from his heart and shares so openly. You’ll walk away feeling you’ve been touched by an angel of God.”

Rev. Danell Wheeler

Common Ground Corona Corona, CA

“There are very few people who can bring my spirit out and give me the feeling of pure healing and love. With his words and just the sound of his voice, Brian has taken me to places within that I never thought I had. His chants and breathing techniques have allowed me to not only go deeply in a meditative state, but at the same time, I have astral projected, floating out of my body healing my heart and loving myself from inside out.”

Vincent Pena

Spiritual Guide West Hollywood, CA

“After having had several conversations with Brian Lottman, I knew that I absolutely wanted to spend my birthday in the presence of someone who’s expression of love is more than just a word said. He embodies Love and radiates it with such peacefulness. It was a wonderful afternoon, of chanting, singing, meditating, stories and beautiful love, love, love. Thank you Brian and Kristin. You are invited to share Satsang with us again.”

Rev. Deena Efferson

Center for Spiritual Living Antelope Valley, CA

“Dear Brian, I greatly appreciate your offerings at Unity of Pomona and the kind words of friendship and support that you made. Your work touches our hearts and is valued beyond words. Thank you for putting things back and for your gift to the church.”

Jan Chase

Minister at Unity of Pomona Pomona, CA

“One of the central tenants of our faith at Centers for Spiritual Living is meditation, but people often require exposure to different methods before they feel success. Brian has a gift in being able to explain, demonstrate, and give people the experience of the ancient form of Vedic/Hindu chant. It expanded our members understanding of meditation,and awakened Spirit in a loving and divine way. We were so grateful to have him visit. Thank you Brian.”

Karin Wilson

Minister at Center of Spiritual Living Vancouver, Alberta, Canada

“I met Brian when he travelled to the Northern California area, seeking to facilitate Satsangs at various yoga and spiritual centers. I am like a mother hen when it comes to protecting this Unity of Stockton community. I checked him out, as I do all guest speakers, before I said yes to his invitation. I watched one of his livestream Satsangs. I looked at his website and his Facebook page. I talked with him on the phone. I talked with him about Unity’s teachings. I hosted Brian at my home while he was in town, and found his personality to be quiet, polite, respectful, loving and positive. He acted with integrity, conscientiousness, and with a sense of responsibility.”

Sheila Johnson

Spiritual Leader at Unity of Stockton Stockton, CA

“Dear Brian, It was amazing experience or should I say an enlightening experience. I met with medium, Gwen Smith, the following day, and she could see my aura. She told me that it was clear, bright and sparkling. I can feel that my energy has a beautiful clarity. Thank you again for the gift of your presence.”

Karin Wilson

Rev. EllaMinister at Calgary First Spiritualist Church Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I attended a satsang with Brian in Sedona, Arizona recently. The first thing I noticed was the love that shone out of his eyes! Truly angelic! The satsang experience was powerful and loving. Brian’s beautiful energy facilitated a much needed heart opening for me. And for that I am truly grateful. I so look forward to experiencing his loving presence again!”

Lisa Najjar

Calgary, Alberta, Canada